• It’s here !
    Fuzel Collage for Android
    now available
  • a simple & fun way to
    combine ordinary photos
    into shareworthy moments.
Made with Fuzel Collage
“We’ve seen quite a few apps that let you create montages of photos, but none of them are quite as elaborate as Fuzel."
"The possibilities are endless with Fuzel. It has got to be the best collage apps I've come across, yet."
"Fuzel stood out from other photo apps by offering a wide selection of collage templates, ranging from simple grids to wackier mosaics of different shapes, and embellishments."
"Impressive on all counts – from its wide variety of features to its easy-to-use and gorgeous UI – Fuzel is one app which will help bring a unique and interesting twist to how you display your photos."
"This is the first collage app that made me want to print poster-size versions of these collages for hanging on my walls."
"Fuzel works because it strikes the right balance between offering not enough and offering too much. Good stuff"